The Earth, The Sea and The Moon

Imagine being in a bizarre love triangle – you, the girl of your dreams and your alter ego. And your alter ego is better than you are.

The Earth, the Sea and the Moon is a story about a neurotic and hermitic visual artist (Moon) who lives above a cafe.  Everyday he sits in his apartment and watches the girl of his dreams who works in the cafe beneath him. He is deeply in love with her, even though they have never spoken, nor even met.  Everyday is the same, Moon lost in his imagination, occupied with his unrequited love, and daydreaming of one day building the confidence to approach the object of his affection.

But Moon has become his own worst enemy, creating the ultimate alter ego and rival for Earth’s affection, who unremitting, like the sea, foils his every attempt at love.

Through one imaginative set-piece after another, each more and more outlandish than the last, no matter how beautiful and brilliantly constructed Moon’s fantasies become, he just can’t get the better of his own defeatism, taking him further and further into the dark recesses of his neurosis.