I Am Harlequin

Who is this Harlequin? A Man? A Devil? Or Just a Mask?

Harlequin, a mysterious character of contradiction and unknown origin, is the somewhat beleaguered hero of the show. Based in a world created loosely in the style of the Commedia Dell’Arte (a 16th century form of Italian Comedic theatre), Harlequin finds himself embroiled in the unfortunate affairs of the cunningly shrewd Columbina, whose mother, the widowed and financially destitute Pantaloona, wishes to marry her off to the wealthy Scaramouche.

But Columbina has other plans and with the aid of Harelquin, makes her escape.  In fear of her daughter’s safety and her own financial stability, Pantaloona makes a deal with the dangerous Tick Tock Man, a creature of uncertain motive, whose actions causes Harlequin’s existence to spiral out of control.

Can Harlequin manage to save his endangered soul or will the tide of consequence following in his path creep up and consume him?